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The M274 Mule is not a toy. It is a 1,000 lb. Military Vehicle.
Operator must be 18 years of age, wear safety gear, and use care and common sense.

  • Vehicle is disassembled and pressure washed; small parts are cleaned in an
    automatic parts washer.

  • Mule bed is sandblasted to bare metal, primered and painted with USMC coating.

  • All fluids are drained.

  • Drop axle assembly is opened and inspected.

  • Engine is removed.

  • New carburetor and fuel pump are installed.

  • Magneto is reconditioned.

  • Compression is checked.

  • New spark plugs are installed.

  • Engine is tested on stand.

  • Clutch and pressure plate are inspected and adjusted.

  • Brakes are removed and inspected; new brake springs are installed.

  • New seals are installed throughout the vehicle.

  • Transmission is checked.

  • Full electric system is added.

  • Pieces are painted, then reassembled.
This shows the way the Military positioned the Mechanical Mule during servicing.
Caution: Engine vents must be closed.)
Engine Compartment
Drop Axle Assembly - All Gear Drive
Each M274 A5 Mule is personally driven by the President of   
Mechanical Mules of America, Inc. on a test course.
After his approval, it is checked again by our head mechanic.
Then, the vehicle is re-painted.
New upholstery and data plates are added.
It is then ready for

Each M274 A5 Mule which enters our
restoration shop is guaranteed to follow
a specific sequence of rigorous
inspections, ruled by a 10-Page Checklist.
Below is a partial list.
The actual inspection includes much more!