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The M274 Mule is not a toy. It is a 1,000 lb. Military Vehicle.
Operator must be 18 years of age, wear safety gear, and use care and common sense.

For your convenience, we accept credit cards.
We take phone orders only to ensure complete protection of your credit card information.

We have many years of experience with the M274 Mule,
and we are dedicated to keep these pieces of American Military History rolling.

Please feel free to call us with any technical or repair questions you may have.

Adapter - Timing Light Adapter

Allows you to use automotive 12V timing light  to time your mule engine

Alternator Kit

60 Amp. Alternator Kit with mounting bracket, fittings, and correct fan belt

Alternator Kit, installed

Battery Box

Heavy duty hinged steel Battery Box with Marine grade plastic tub, metal lid,
securing straps, and 2 bolts

Battery Box Tray

Hinged to allow easy access to the battery when installed on the mule

Bearings and Seals

Mule Bearings and Seals - All types

Bed Mat / Cargo Cover

Mule Bed Mat - 3/4" thick, very dense
Protects the mule bed

Boot Dust and Moisture Seal

New Boot for Universal Joint -
New manufacture

Breather Tube

Breather Tube from Magneto to Air Canister -
New in box

Brush  Guard

1-3/4" Steel Tubing with 1" Steel Tubing Inner Guard
(Set up for 4 lights)


Mule Carburetor with Correct Manifold Gasket -

Carburetor Tee Return Tube

From Carburetor Tee to Tank Return Tube -
New in box

Clutch Disc

Mule Clutch Disc -

Cover - Gun Mount Opening

Gun Mount Opening Cover Assembly
Mil. Spec.
New in box
(Top and Bottom Views)

Data Plates

Mule Data Plates M274 - A5
All 4 pieces : 1 Long Side Plate, 2 Top Deck Plates, 1 On/Off  Switch Plate

Electrical System

Full Mule Electrical System includes:
1 - 60 Amp Alternator
1 - Mule Alternator Mounting Bracket (Uses original tapped holes in engine)
2 - Correct Bolts
2 - Windage Tray Oil Line Fittings
1 - Correct Fan Belt
1 - Mule Starter
2 - Mounting Bolts
1 - Mule Battery Box Tray (For group 78 side mount battery), with Marine Grade Tub, Metal Lid,
Anchor Strap and 2 Bolts)
1 - Fused Electrical Wiring Kit with Marine Grade Starter Switch and 4-Gauge Battery Cables
1 - Front Light Kit with 2 - 55 Watt Halogen Lights with Brush Covers and Mule Bracket (Uses original
holes in bed)
1 - Rear Light Kit with 1 - 55 Watt Halogen Light with Brush Cover (Uses original holes in bed)


Original M274 Hercules Mule Engine (Not a "generator" engine) - Reconditioned

Extended Shift Lever

Extended Mule Gear Shift Lever
Makes it easier to shift gears, especially between 1st and 2nd, which is a long reach

Fan Belt

Original Military Mule Fan Belt
USMC Take-out

6" wide Fenders
Help keep mud and debris off the bed in messy conditions
Left Fender, installed
Right Fender, installed

Filter - Fuel Filter

Mule In-line Fuel Filter

Filter - Gas Tank

Mule Gas Tank Filter (For inside of Gas Tank)
Attaches to the fuel pick up assembly (Does not include pick up assembly)


Filter - Oil Filter

Mule Oil Filter
Engine Canister Oil Filter

Foot Basket

Passenger Foot Basket with Light Tabs
Matches Original Driver Military Basket

Fuel Line Set

Fuel Line - From Tank Pick-up to Fuel Shut-off Valve
Return Line - From Carburetor Tee to Tank Pick-up
New in box

Fuel Pump

Fuel Pump - New
Camel Hump Fuel Pump - Replaces old style flat top fuel pump
New production is compatible with new gasoline.

Gas Tank Guard

Steel guard surrounds the gas tank to protect it during heavy-duty use.


Mule Gaskets - All types

Gasket  Kit

Correct Engine Gasket Kit for 2 Cylinder Engine
  Mechanical Mules of America, Inc.

"The Leader in American Platform Vehicles"

PO Box 1009
Hamilton, MT 59840

Tel (406) 961-4024

Gauge - Oil Pressure

Mule Oil Pressure Gauge with Copper Line and Correct Mule Mounting Bracket
Monitors the engine oil pressure

Heim Joint and Adapter

Upgrades steering linkage

Light - Back-up Light Kit

Single 55 Watt Halogen Light with Mounting Bracket and Brush Cover
Uses original bed holes

Light - Front Light Kit

Dual 55 Watt Halogen Light with Mounting Bracket and Brush Cover
Uses original bed holes

Magneto Point Kit

Complete Points and Condenser Kit for M274 Mule


TM 5-2805-213-14
TM 5-2805-213-24P
TM 9-2320-213-34P
TM 9-2320-246-20
TM 9-2320-246-34

Meter - Hour Meter

Mule Hour Meter Kit
New Hour Meter in Original Bracket for Mules
With 12 Volt Electrical System

Meter - Volt

Mule Volt Meter
With 12 Volt Electrical System
Monitors alternator output


2 Cylinder Mule Muffler

Pintle Hitch

For 2" Receiver

Safety Pliers

Tool to correctly safety-wire drive shaft bolts and axle boot wires

Seal Kit - Drop Axle

Mule Drop Axle Seal Kit - For both axles

Seals & Bearings

Mule Seals & Bearings - All types

Seat - Driver Seat

Military Style Split Seat, fully assembled

Seat - Passenger Seat

Military Style Split Seat, fully assembled

Seat - Passenger Seat, with Foot Basket

Passenger Seat with Foot Basket Kit
Fully assembled

Seat - Folding Troop Seat

Folding Troop Seat

Shift Knobs

Replacement Shift Knobs
3 per Mule

Spark Plugs

Mule Aviation Spark Plugs


12 Volt Gear Reduction Drive Mule Starter
Designed and built specifically for the M274 Mule

Throttle Cable

Stainless Steel Mule Throttle Cable
Latest type, braided

Throw-Out Bearing

Mule Throw-Out Bearing

Mule Tires off Original Military Mould
Born Date: Feb. 2005

New Mule  Military Flaps with reinforcing patch

New Mule Tubes with correct valve system

Tool Box (Undermount)

Heavy Duty Steel Tool Box with Rolled Edges and Strap Hinges
Industrial Quality
Designed and built specifically for the Mule

Tow Bar

Mule Tow Bar

Trailer Hitch - 2" Receiver

Bolt-on Trailer Receiver
Allows you to use any 2" stinger to tow a light trailer

Universal Joint

Mule Universal Joint

Winch - Front

Mule 2,500 lb. Warn Winch with:
- Mule Mounting Bracket, Front & Rear
- Quick Disconnects
- Remote Switch

Winch - Rear

Wiring Harness

Mule Wiring Harness
Fused Electrical Wiring Kit with Marine Grade Starter Switch and 4- Gauge Battery Cables

Weapon's Mount

Socket Riser that mounts into "Underbed" Rifle Mount Support

106 MM Recoilless Rifle Tripod

106 MM Recoilless Rifle Folding "Wheelbarrow" Tripod

106 MM Recoilless Rifle, Towed

106 MM M40A1 Recoilless Rifle (demil'd) with an M8C 50 Cal Spotter Gun (demil'd)
with Traversing and Elevating (T & E) Mechanism on Original 106 Trailer

106 MM Rifle Trailer, Towed

Towed 106 MM Rifle Trailer
Trailer has the same wheel base as the military Jeep

106 MM Round

106 MM  M368 Recoilless Shell Casing with Projectile (inert)

Mule Saddle Bag

Mule Saddle Bags
Perfect for storing spare parts and tools on your mule so that you have them when you
need them - Designed to hold the mule lug wrench snapped in an internal pouch


Military Mule Chains
Cross Links every 2 links - Cross Links field repairable
Extremely rare

Mule Cover

18 oz Mil spec Canvas Cover for the Mechanical Mule
Shown: Single-Seat Model
Also available for the Two-Seat Model

Pin - Military Hitch Pin

Military 5/8" Hitch Pin with Cotter Pin used in all 2" receivers

Shift Knobs

Shift Knob for M274 Mule- Original Style

Wrench - Lug Wrench

Mule Lug Wrench for loosening and tightening wheel lugs while changing tires

Wrench - Spark Plug Wrench

Mule Spark Plug Wrench
Thin-wall Spark Plug Wrench used to change spark plugs on Mule engines


Tel (406) 961-4024