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"The Leader in American Platform Vehicles"
Whether you call it a "Military Mule" or an "Army Mule",
the M274 Mechanical Mule is the only combat-proven ATV.

Our sincere thanks go to our many customers
who keep complimenting us on delivering
the best mules in the world!
We are very proud of our reputation.

What makes our machines so different and unique?

- We have a stock of M274 Mechanical Mules which have not been
built from used parts

- Our M274 Mechanical Mules are
as released from USMC.

- Our M274 Mechanical Mules are
very low hour platform vehicles.

- Because they have been stored in dry places since they were
released, they are
free of rust.

Combat Mule

Commander Mule

106 Mule
The Army Mule's Portal Axles allow high ground clearance.

Dear Mule Owner or Potential Mule Owner,

How would you like being
among the first civilians to own one of our M274 A5s?
You can own a piece of American History!

The M274 A5 has been going up in value and is becoming a desirable collectIble and a worthwhile investment, as the
supply has been
, and the demand has been increasing.
In fact, it is estimated that it would cost close to $50,000 to build an exact replica of a Mechanical Mule today!

As we have been upgrading our manufacturing and restoration facilities, our
latest tools and machinery allow us to restore each
vehicle to beautiful craftsmanship.

We are committed to our customers' satisfaction, and we have become aware of the necessity for us to stock more spare parts.
Therefore, we have been on a quest for mule parts all across America. We have searched them, found them and purchased them.
extensive Parts Inventory has multiplied. Our parts are kept on hand only to serve you better and faster.

In addition, we have been listening to our customers' needs and wishes, and we are developing some
brand new and exciting
. Some of them are currently being designed and tested, and some of them are soon to be released.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to assert
our dedication to our customers.
We are very proud and honored to serve you, and we remain at your disposal for your further mule needs.

Best regards,

Terry Markarian, President
Mechanical Mules of America, Inc.
We at Mechanical Mules of America, Inc. rebuild M274 Military Mules. We believe that we are the only full time military mule rebuilding
facility left
in the world.

Our mules are
complete mules as released by USMC. They are not created out of used parts and they are very low hour mules.

Our mules were put into "moth ball" by the Military. Therefore, when you buy a Military Mule from us, you are
its first civilian owner.

In our facilities located in Hamilton, Montana, we take each machine out of "moth ball":  we unseal the previously sealed openings,
we inspect, and we disassemble each machine to determine its needs.
Each engine is removed from the mule and installed on a test stand, where it is checked. A new carburetor and a fuel pump are
installed on each and every engine, as well as any other necessary parts needed to bring the mule to
its original optimal

We then transfer the mule to our rotisserie, we replace any questionable parts, and we install a 12V electric system with starter,
alternator, battery,  and lights (front and rear) to create a reconditioned unit that will give you dependable service.

Please read more about our very comprehensive
10-page Check List  to better understand what our customers get when they
purchase a M274 A5 Military Mule from us.

If you are interested in

World War II

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